The $3 Purse

Lately I've been on the hunt for a new purse knowing that my current one won't last much longer. The problem is, I've had this purse for over 5 years, and it's been so faithful. It's the first bag I ever made and I never imagined it would follow me through some of the most important times in my life.

This bag was once a leather skirt, probably originally born in the 80's it found it's way to my local thrift store where I snatched it up for about $3...little did it know I had other intentions for it.

I began by laying out the skirt in front of me and planned how I could make the most of the limited materials.  A few hours later I had the main body of the bag complete....but what to do for a handle? I needed some leather that was sturdy enough to hold weight but thin enough for my less than industrial strength sewing machine to sew through.

I began searching the house for the perfect strap and considered mixing materials or even leathers to fill my need, then my brother walked by and I knew. I needed the perfect worn in belt to match the perfectly worn in leather that I already had going.
When none of my own belts fit the need, I asked my brother if he might happen to have something - he sacrificed the belt from his own pants telling me he's been meaning to get a new one. It was the perfect weight, length, and strength for what I needed.
I was quite proud of my purse immediately after, and am now even more proud as it's carried me through several jobs, two cities, marriage, travel, and daily adventures...and all for the small cost of $3 and some change.

Do you have any items like this that have a history and seem somewhat irreplaceable?



Liska Cole said...

i think that's my old laundry mat! sunset? across from intelli?

Anonymous said...

This bag is amazing! You are so gifted. You should make more and sell them. I'd buy!

Chloé Mae said...

Ya it is! I can't remember the name of it though...Sunset Cleaners? Or something like that...but it's not there anymore, I heard they're opening a restaurant or a club in it's location? so sad!

Chloé Mae said...

awe thanks! I need time to make one just for myself! But I'll take that into consideration ;)

Liska Cole said...

:/ I know! That's where shopgirl was filmed.

Chloé Mae said...

I heard that! I still haven't seen that movie though...on my to do list!