Ooey Gooey Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

 Need I say more?

Probably not...but I will anyways.

A friend of mine recently brought these cookies for a potluck and I was overjoyed because 1 - they were gluten free, and 2 - they were chocolate, nothing better than those 2 things combined. Ever since going g-free over a year ago I've gotten used to passing on desserts and most potluck dishes, which made these cookies extra special and extra delish.
I immediately stole the recipe from my friend and made them the next chance I got, which happened to be for a girl's night the following week.

These cookies are as good as they look - but be careful not to overcook, as one of my batches was not nearly gooey enough.

Please don't be swayed by the idea of gluten free, these are naturally gluten free meaning they won't taste any healthier or drier than a regular cookie...I promise, even the pickiest sweet lovers will enjoy these.


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