Cold Brewed Coffee

As soon as the high temperatures hit, I couldn't wait to make the first cold brewed coffee of the season. On a hot summer day there's nothing more refreshing than a light and balanced cup o' joe on the rocks.

 I use my french press to make a cold brew, letting it sit overnight and pressing it in the morning for an instant dose of caffeine. If you don't own a french press, you can use the method here from smitten kitchen. 

I prefer to drink my coffee without sugar or cream in the morning, but in the afternoon I've added coconut milk and some simple syrup for a sweet little treat. 

What's your favorite coffee brew for summer?

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alisia E. said...

ooooo yum! I've been wanting to make a big batch to keep in the fridge, which would be gone within an hour thanks to Jon's need for caffeine ;)