Chloé Ma[d]e - What's it about?

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Chloé, a twenty-something girl living in her dream downtown loft with a mister and a dog named Moses. I'm a DIY junkie, an out of practice seamstress, a mostly good cook,  and I like to dabble in photography and writing.

This is Chloé Made, a blog where I plan to share some of the above mentioned items that take up my time. Please stay for a minute, look around, and let me know your thoughts!

I can also be reached at

Chloé Mae


Maggie said...

You're adorable Chlo!!

PerhapsDaily said...

Oh, Cloe, your blog is fabulous. It's my pleasure that this kind of blogger stopped by in my blog.
Good luck and stay creative!


Chloé Mae said...

Thanks Maggie! So glad you stopped in and took a read :)

Chloé Mae said...

Thanks for stopping by!