(The Best Brownies You Will Ever Eat, Even Better Than From A box)
What you've never seen that acronym before?

We have a study group at our house every Wednesday and I usually whip something together in the 30 minutes I have between work and when our guests arrive. But this week I knew I wanted brownies so of course i was thinking ahead.
I've made many a homemade brownie before, but the end result is always dry, cakey, or flavorless and I end up wishing i'd just bought the Godiva Mix. Well, I can now say that I will never buy a box brownie mix ever again. These brownies are the best brownies you will ever eat, even better than from a box. I used the recipe from the Tartine Cookbook and because the brownies went so quick and I didn't have proper lighting in my kitchen, i'm borrowing the following images from Fake Ginger and No Special Effects (click either link for recipe). But I promise you, mine looked just as good and came out even better than I could imagine.

I will warn you though, these brownies require milk or coffee to accompany them, they are extremely fudge-like (which is how all brownies should be) and hold up best when refrigerated or frozen. You can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top for some extra flair, but the cracked tops provide enough enticement for even the finest brownie connoisseurs.

Chloé Mae.

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