Ooh! Ooh! I made THAT!

Happy New Year! I took some time off from blogging in order to celebrate the New Year, and it was much needed. I was thinking about the last year, some of the people I met, opportunities I had, and places I went and I remembered one of the many things that I never shared with you!

I believe it was late spring of last year that one of my friends, Becket Cook (who is an amazing set designer)  approached me with a really unique project, that was a bit rushed. He needed me to make a net umbrella, much like one from a vintage photo he found, out of a neon color for a pop star by the name of...Katy Perry.

I honestly didn't know who she was until I googled her name...I figured she must be somebody if her photographer was trapped in Europe so the shoot had to be pushed back a week, giving me more time to create. Once I googled her I thought "Oh that Katy Perry.....shoot...I'm a little nervous.".

Pretty soon I saw the image that was sent to my email popping up all over itunes and the web...sometimes I'm tempted to point and say "ooh! ooh! I made that!".

This moment stands out to me because not only was it one of my first paid sewing jobs, but it was challenging to step outside the comfort of women's clothing and make something that's....not clothing at all.

I wish you all the very best 2011!


If you'd like to order an umbrella like the one pictured, please contact me for pricing: chloemadeblog@gmail.com

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