Sunday Sangria

The temperatures have been steadily climbing the last few weeks, and at 80+ last weekend I was struck with a craving for a sweet and refreshing sangria to sip while sun bathing on our roof.
Using the ingredients I had on hand, I based my creation off this recipe. It was my first attempt at Sangria and came out quite good. I used a previously opened sauvignon blanc, brandy, lime, apple, nectarine, and some frozen pinapple.

 This picture reminds me that I have a confession to make - I can't throw away any glass containers. If it's a glass bottle, jar, bowl, or pretty much anything made of glass I can just never justify throwing it away. For a while I was able to hide this addiction in one cupboard high above our stove, but once that became filled the jars slowly made their way onto our counter and into other cupboards. Then one day, the mister served himself a drink in one, and a light went on in my head. Now I can justify my addiction by repurposing these glass jars as drinking glasses. I may or may not be more likely to buy certain sauces or jarred goods based solely on the shape of the jar...but why not?
I'm excited to try different variations of sangria over the course of summer, especially a red wine version. Does anyone have any good recipes to share?


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Katrina Robles said...

Great ideas! Glass makes such nice, smooth shapes. I don't know how anyone can throw them away.