The Cheapest Purse I've bought...

Last week as i was sewing a project, an idea popped into my mind. 
With just a half hour before my local thrift store closed, i jumped up, grabbed my purse and started on a mission.
My goal: to find a leather skirt.


If you're reading this then hopefully you know me well enough to think "What would Chloé want with that aweful leather skirt?"
Of course it's not going to look like a skirt for much longer, about 3 hours later of wrestling with my mom's machine through the thick layers of leather, we have a finished product.
Which I am quite proud of:

The Bag is made completely from reconstructed leather items, with my brother's old belt as the strap (thanks for the sacrifice!).

I've always wanted a Chloé purse, who'd think i'd only pay $3.75? ;)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Chloé.


90029mommy said...

Chloe, this is amazing! Such a good idea! I want to copy...

Melissa Ashley Leveck said...

wow that is awesome. :)

Rachel was like.... said...

once again, i am in awe of your sewing skills.talent.gifting.whatever you want to call it. i also think that you have a very creative eye with your camera. :)

HK said...

Soooo Good!!
I love it when old things are given new purpose by creative people like YOU :)

the oaks said...

incredible..I gotta look around my closet and see if I can do something like this.