What More Reason Do You Need?

Hey Hey! An artist from my hometown, Los Angeles, has created this necklace to raise awareness and funds for the Love House and Watts House Project, an artist-driven neighborhood redevelopment that is aimed at improving the homes and lives of residents who live across the street from the historic Watts Towers.

The Love Necklace was recently curated by Kate and Laura Mulleavey of Rodarte into the Colette store in Paris, and has been featured on TeenVogue.com.
So not only is this necklace cute, it's for a good cause! (what more reason do you need?) The necklace can be purchased online here: www.thelovenecklace.com

Chloé Mae.


StuddedLilly said...

hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog! you have a lovely blog too! love the pictures ;)


daisychain said...

wow, that is quite fabulous

S. Bernstein said...

It's great that they're doing this, and that is a pretty necklace too!

superduperkya said...

aww it's very cute, i just wish the gold one wasnt $500 :/