Valentines Gift Guide - for Friends.

Valentine's day is just around the corner, hearts and glitter and love are everywhere in coffee shops, retail stores, and online ads. When I was single I embraced Valentine's Day as a chance to show love to my girlfriends with a sweet note or a cute gift, a tradition that I still like to maintain today.

I recently read that in Finland, February 14th is Friends Day - where gifts and notes are sent to your dearest friends as a token of appreciation and love, isn't this so much better than a day dedicated to couples?

In order to embrace this Finnish version of our american Valentine's Day, I've compiled a small list of gift ideas for those girl friends in your life that you just can't live without. It's a great chance to tell your closest girl friends how much you appreciate them and can't live without them!

So, girl to girl, here are some affordable gift ideas, snatch them up quick! V-day is just around the corner.

1. Have a Heart Nail Glitter from Nicole by OPI is the perfect addition to any girl's valentine manicure - and any gift giver's budget at about $6 a bottle.
2. Give a little bit of Luxury for just $16 with the Illume Boulangerie Jar Candle from Anthropologie. Every scent is to die for, but I love the Coconut Macaroon for Valentines Day as the lettering is pink!
3. How cute is the Love Me Necklace from our good friend Marc? It's a modern take on pulling petals from a daisy to determine whether your true love loves you, or....loves you. P.S. Only $15!
4. I Like You is a super cute children's book that I've included in many a friend's gift - often in place of a card with a handwritten note inside the cover. The illustrations take the characters through many of life's difficult situations and why we couldn't get through them without a best friend. Just $7 on amazon!
5. This Tiny Skull Ring from Nasty Gal is the perfect gift for the not so girly girl on Valentine's Day. Note the heart shaped eyes that take just the right amount of punk off and add just the right amount of girl back in, they also qualify it for this gift list ;). $35 on
6. Besties iPhone Cases from Urban Outfitters are a throwback to best friend jewelry in middle school when all that mattered was your BFF...another plus is it's not only a gift for your friend, but one for you too!
7. When heart shaped sunglasses came around last year I fell in love and bought a pair for myself. They can feel ridiculous most of the time, so what better occasion to wear them then on V-day itself? Gift a pair from for only $12.
8. BABYLIPS! We all know what these are, and why they make the perfect little gift. Pick up a different flavor for every girl in your life at just $3 a pop!
9. It may seen cliche, but honestly, nothing says Happy Valentine's day like a red rose. Pick up a half dozen and give one to each of your closest gal pals.

In addition to a gift, pick up one of these adorable valentine cards from my favorite artist/printer: ASHKHAN STORE. This one is my current favorite:

How do you plan to celebrate Friends Valentine's Day this year?


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