DIY Printed Loafers

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Hmm, what's one to do with an old, worn-in pair of loafers? 

Make them new of course!

The mood struck early on Sunday morning, as I am still adjusting to this time change and was awake before the rest of the house. As always, I needed to do this project now and with materials that I had on hand, so I quickly sorted through my fabric piles. 

Once I selected a print that fit the mood, I continued as follows to make my plain, old loafers into something fresh and new:

First, I made a pattern for the area I wanted to cover by tracing it onto some recycled magazine print.

Next, carefully cut two pieces of the pattern from the fabric, remember that the pattern placement should match for both shoes.

Using a paintbrush and some fabric or craft glue, paint the area that the fabric should cover. 

Carefully place the fabric pieces onto the loafer, and using your fingers apply even pressure throughout.

Let dry overnight, or for at least 6-8 hours. 

Enjoy your new printed loafers :)

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