House Tour

I'm finding it true what they say, about how the older you get, the faster time flies. Last September we were very excited to be photographed by Bethany Nauert for a feature on Apartment Therapy. Looking back at the photos it's a reminder of how much has changed in the last year. When we did the photo shoot I felt like we were so settled into our home and there was nothing I could possibly want to change, but our home has grown with us the last year, and morphed into an even more cozy and comfortable place to be. More furniture has collected, nick-nacks added, and memories created.

I'm so excited for the next year, to see what changes are to come. You seriously never know what the future has in store, and I like it that way. The element of surprise is what keeps life interesting. 

Here are a few pics from the house tour, you can view the whole thing here

P.S. Look out for updated photos soon, I'd love to show the new layout and added pieces. 



Anna said...

Your house is seriously like a dream!!! I am in love! I love how eclectic and vintage looking it is. Love your blog, cant wait to see future posts :)

misslikey said...

it's a wonderful home.. so special and so many pretty details.
wow apartment therapy.. that's such a honour. Cogratulations!

Chloé Mae said...

Thank you! Yes sometimes I feel like I'm a princess in my house :) It's so fun and important to me to make my house feel like home

Chloé Mae said...

Thank You! It was such an honor to be featured!