DIY Studded Headband

Studs are everywhere right now, and I've been dying to get in on the trend. After seeing several studded headbands on the market, I decided it'd be an easy DIY project. I was able to recycle some studs from an old military style shirt, and a headband that hadn't been touched since I bought it in middle school. Within 20 minutes I had my very own studded headband and was in on the trend. 

A step by step below:

1. Gather your materials: Scissors, Thread, Needle, Headband, & Studs. 

2. Aline the studs evenly along the headband.
 3. One by one, sew the studs onto the headband by looping the thread around the base of the stud, under the headband and back around the base.
 4. Clip any stray threads and enjoy your new headband!

I'm hoping to gather more studs in order to create a black and silver version as well!

Have you dont any DIY's with studs? Share below!



Forever Fashion said...

These are so sick!! I love anything with spikes and studs. :) Thanks for your comment! Im following your blog now!

alisia E. said...

Love it Chloe! yay for DIY!!!

GlamorousGirl said...

love it!

Chloé Mae said...

Thanks Alisia!

Chloé Mae said...

Thanks! I'm totally loving that we can wear spikes and studs without being totally punk rock haha :)

Chloé Mae said...