DIY Terrariums

One of the first things I noticed after moving downtown almost two and a half years ago is that there's some sort of special bond, a unique connection that downtown residents share. We go against what others say about "living in such a dangerous neighborhood", or "awful traffic and difficult parking" and somehow learn to almost love those things.
It's like moving downtown is an instant friendship builder, you have something in common - a love for the city, the bustling streets, the walkability, and all those small things that only residents could know.

Our friends Alisia & Jon moved a few blocks away from us earlier this year and ever since, our friendship has been steadily growing. We regularly find ourselves hitting up the best happy hours, and sharing our new found favorite restaurants, with great conversation about life, both future and past.
About once a month, Jon & My Mister get their haircuts at the barbershop down the street while Alisia and I take advantage of some girl time. On our most recent girls night, Alisia invited me over for some champagne and terrarium building...I don't have a very green thumb so I was a bit hesitant, but so glad I agreed.
I picked up some succulents from Home Depot and sorted through my recycled jar collection for a good container. We combined materials and on her living room floor started layering away with the soil, rocks, and is my final result:

Since this was just before Mother's Day, I gifted mine to my mom...she's a big time gardner so I knew she'd be able to keep it alive. It's probably even overflowing the container by now...she has such a way with plants.

Terrariums are so simple to make, there's a great DIY here, I'll definitely be making some more and experimenting with the contents. I'm thinking some brighter stones and greener flowers might be fun for summer...Any suggestions?



alisia E. said...

love this and so thankful for our friendship!!! let's craft soon (aren't the boys due for another haircut already?) =)


Chloé Mae said...

Yes I think it's about that time! And what do we make next? Bracelets right?

Jaclyn said...

we live downtown too and i LOVE it. urban life is a great thing.

Chloé Mae said...

YES! downtown is the best! Thanks for stopping by!