Ginger Cookies & My Office Space

This morning I'm up early and while browsing my favorite blogs and before starting work, I thought I'd share with you a recipe from The Pioneer Woman. If you've never read Ree's blog it's a MUST. Everything s I've made from her comes out unbelievably good (maybe it has to do with all the butter and cream?). 

What inspired me to share this post now, at just past 8am? Well I'm eating them for breakfast of course!

  I didn't have any molasses, so I substituted an equal amount of brown sugar and the result was amazing! They still have a slight bite from the ginger, but it's followed by a smooth sweetness, unlike the bite you'd get with molasses. Since I was eating  the cookies at my desk, I thought I'd share a little piece of my "office" with you. 
 The anthropologie cup that EVERYONE has - I received two sets from two Seperate friends when i was moving in :)

 Two Favorite things about my office: Vintage Make-Up case that is completely impractical to lug around but perfectly fits all my sewing tools and My chalkboard that not only keeps me organized, but as seen here, keeps me cheery because my mister likes to leave me notes. 

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!


Alaina said...

Those cookies look simply divine. My stomach grumbled as soon as I saw those. I swear I can smell them!

Mary Grein said...

Great work space! love your blog!